JLS Aviation, LLC

Cessna 172N (N1464E)

N1464E is a 1978 Cessna 172N


  • In addition to standard VFR equipment, this aircraft is equipped with the following:
    • IFR Certified
    • STC restricting flap travel to 30 degrees and increasing the maximum gross weight to 2400 pounds.
    • TAS bezel on the airspeed indicator
    • SkyTek starter
    • Plane Power alternator
    • LED taxi and landing lights
  • Avionics. This aircraft is admittedly a bit pimped out with respect to avionics. 
    • Garmin 320 Audio Panel
    • GNS-430W GPS, IFR certified
    • KX-165 radio with VOR and Glide Slope
    • Transponder
  • The aircraft interior has been redone with AirTex interiors seat covers and carpet and side panels.
  • This is a stable, reliable aircraft comfortable for three average sized adults. It seems to be the preferred aircraft for instrument training. Cruise speed at 2400 RPM is about 110 knots.