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Seaplane Rating

Searey at SunsetJLS Aviation has added a Searey Amphibious, Light Sport aircraft to the fleet of existing aircraft. The Searey can land gear down on a runway or gear up on the water. This aircraft is a fully certified, factory build production aircraft that will add both fun and experience to your piloting knowledge. The basic course of instruction contains about 13.5 hours of dual instruction that includes basic flight maneuvers as well as landing on the water under different conditions and circumstances. 

Searey in the Water

If you have an existing Light Sport License, the flight school will provide the check ride for a logbook endorsement that will add the Searey to the list of aircraft you are qualified to fly. If you have a Private Pilot License in any airplane category, you can add the single engine sea class rating to your license with a check ride from an examiner. The course cost is $2995. An introductory flight can be purchased for $199 and can be counted toward the course of instruction.

  • JLS 20
  • JLS-50
  • JLS-30