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Commercial License Costs

A commercial pilots license is required for any pilot who wishes to fly for compensation or hire. A basic commercial license is required for such activities as becoming a flight instructor, crop dusting, banner towing, towing gliders, and other flying activities. A pilot who wished to eventually apply for a job with a charter, regional or national airline must possess a commercial license, and may eventually need to earn other ratings, such as an ATP License or specific aircraft type ratings. While an instrument rating is not a prerequisite for a commercial license, it is recommended.

  • Under Part 61, a pilot must have at least 250 hours of flight time, including at least 50 hours of cross country PIC time. There are several the specific requirements that must be met. The advantage of training under Part 61 is that pilots often find that they meet most of the requirements, except perhaps the complex aircraft training requirement. If you elect to train under Part 61, you will receive credit for the time you have already. In many cases the flight time needed may be only a small portion of the total requirement.
  • Under Part 141, a pilot must have at least 120 hours. Instruction under Part 141 must be in a JLS Aviation aircraft that is certified for instrument flight.

Aircraft Rental Rates: Aircraft rental costs have been fluctuating recently with the variable (and lately increasing) cost of aviation fuel. Be sure when you compare costs that you inquire about fuel surcharges. At JLS Aviation, we choose to provide aircraft costs inclusive of all charges.


Aircraft Cost  Per  Hour Instructor GPS Installed
C-152 $118 $73 GNS-430W (IFR Certified)
C-172M $135 $73 GNS-430W (IFR Certified)
C-172N $135 $73 GNS-430W (IFR Certified
P28RT-201 $175 $73 GNS-430W (IFR Certified)


The table below sums the general costs for a license based on the Part 61 for a student who begins training from the beginning, a Part 61 student who meets the hour and cross country requirement and needs only the additional time required under FAR 61.129 (a).

Part 61 with Cross Country and PIC Times Previously Met. The left column in blue is a cost estimate for a student who has completed total time (or within 90%) and at least 40 hours of PIC cross country time. Some students may have also completed other parts of the training, such as night solo time or the long, solo cross country. In these cases, credit will be allowed when the flight times meet the requirement under the FAR. The total cost is an estimate and will vary, and may in fact be much less.

Part 141 Full Course Costs. The right column shows the costs estimated for a student who has an instrument rating and wants to enroll and complete the Commercial License under Part 141. Under certain circumstances, up to a total of 25% of the course requirements may be credited toward this program. The commercial course is accredited by the VA. Eligible beneficiaries may be reimbursed for significant portions of the cost toward earning a commercial license.





Sub Item

Part 61



Part 141


Solo Flight Plane (C172     65 $8775
Dual Instruction  Plane (C172)     40 $8320
  Plane (Arrow) 20


15 $2625
  Instructor 25


55 $4015
Ground Instruction Instructor 8 $584 15 $1095
  Pre and Post 5 $146  9 $657
Ground School (on line)     $250   $250
 Part 61.129 Time Plane 15 $2625    
  Instructor 8 $584    
Supplies Syllabus   $25   $25
  Charts   $30   $30
Medical     $125   $125
Written Test     $165   $165
Practical Test Examiner   $450   $450
  Aircraft  1.5 $263  1.5 $263
Total Cost   Up to 36.5 hrs $18,549 121.5 hrs  $26,795



Earning a pilot's certificate is a thrilling experience as well as a significant accomplishment. It is also expensive. Should financing be needed, we are registered with Pilot Finance. You should contact them directly for information about your specific needs.