Shannon School of Aeronautics


The Flight School frequently publishes Newsletters for distribution to our client list. In the interest of making these Newsletters more available to interested pilots, they are now being posted here on our web site. Each Newsletter is in .pdf format and can be downloaded or viewed. Additionally, each Newsletter is dated and major topics are identified. Due to my poor academic upbringing, spelling errors persist. I take full responsibility for misspellings and the occasional grammar lapse. Readers may also pounce on the realization that there appears to be a random component to Newsletter releases. The insight would be correct. Four a year is good. More is slightly better if there is something relevant to say. With respect to the timing of the next issue, consider the element of surprise in play.

If you would like to see specific topics addressed in subsequent issues of the Newsletter, please forward your suggestions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and we will consider them for future inclusion. To review previously published Newsletters, click on the date below the Newsletter Issue heading.

Newsletter Issue      Topics

September 2016        Sharing the Upgrades, A Warrior’s Tale, JLS SOP Refresh, Good Decision Making

March 2016              Multi-Engine Aircraft, AOPA Fly-in, VMC Club, IMC Club

September 2015        Weekend Trips, Trip Locations, Maryland's Ambassador Program, IMC Clubs     

April 2015                Searey, Redbird Upgrades, Planned Airport Upgrades

October 2014           Airport Improvements Pt. II, Night Flying, AOPA Fly-In, FAAST Team Classes

May 2014                 Airport Improvements, Rusty Pilots Class, Planned Airport Upgrades, Flying Cup, Airport Taxes  

March 2014              Examiners Brief, Aircraft Upgrades, Aircraft Purchases, Wings Classes, Shannon Airport Sold!

September 2013        Community, Wings and Wheels, VA Instrument and Commercial, Redbird with iPad, WINGS Report        

September 2012        Flight School Purchases Ercoupe, Commercial Part 141, VA, Five Year Anniversary

May 2012                 Shannon Open for Night Operations, Use if iPads, Headsets for Sale

November 2011         New Simulator, Training Upgrades, Chopping Trees

July 2011                 Summer Weather Patterns, Renters Agreement, Dynamic Balancing, Maintenance Items.

April 2011                Why Planes Cost So Much to Rent, Investment Opportunities, MyCAA and VA

February 2011           Watch Out!!!! Collision Avoidance, Post License Training, Rudeness and Incompetence

December 2010         Winter Reminders, Optimizing Instrument Training, Slamming Doors etc, Aircrew Checklist

August 2010             Poor Post Flight, Ambassador Program, Pattern Pointers

June 2010                Proficiency Training, Overhaul Anatomy, Pilot Behaviors


As a final note, all previous Newsletters are available for reading at the Flight School.