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Aircraft Documents


JLS Aviation operates under the guidelines of several documents that describe our operational and maintenance procedures.

Operations SOP

17 January 2016

The governing document for day to day operations and provides general guidelines for Flight School operations. It does not replace FAA regulations of operations consistent with the Aeronautical Information Manual. Annually

NOTE: There is a requirement to take a short quiz on the SOP at least every two years, which can be downloaded here: SOP Quiz.

Suggestions for additions, deletions or changes may be forwarded to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Maintenance SOP 27 November 2007 Outlines the general procedures for reviewing maintenance documents, reporting items needing repair and determining the airworthiness status of the aircraft. Annually


The flight school uses aircraft checklists for each aircraft that are tailored for each one.

AircraftChecklistQuestionnaireWeight & Balance
C172M C172M CheckLists C172 Questionnaire C172M (N61701)
C172N C172N CheckList

C172N (N1464E)


C172N (N1464E) Supplemental

C152 C152 CheckList C152 Questionnaire C152 (N67495)
Pipper Arrow Arrow CheckList Arrow Questionnaire Arrow (N3069Y)
Warrior Warrior Check List Warrior Questionnaire Warrior (N41977)
Ercoupe Ercoupe Check List Ercoupe Questionnaire  Ercoupe (N94043)


  • The C172N, C172M, C152 and Piper Arrow checklists above are the same check lists used in the aircraft. Any discrepancies or suggestions should be directed to the owner or Chief Instructor.
  • Each pilot must complete a questionnaire for the C172, C152 and Piper Arrow type aircraft. Pilots should download the questionnaire and have it completed for the instructor prior to the check ride.
  • Weight and balance information is available for several aircraft. Data for both C172M aircraft (N61701), the C172N (N1464E), and C152, are downloadable above. *Pilots are cautioned to consult the Aircraft Flight Manual specific for each aircraft as the only official source for weight and balance information. The links above may serve to assist in flight planning.
  • C172N (N1464E) Supplemental has an STC for a flap travel restriction that increases the maximum gross weight and changes many of the performance parameters and tables in the POH. A copy of the Supplemental Type Certificate can be downloaded above.


JLS Aviation flight school also provides other documents that may be helpful.

Density Altitude Chart  
Aircraft Performance Chart  
  • JLS 20
  • JLS-50
  • JLS-30