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 JLS Aviation hosts a Private Pilot Ground School of instruction at Germanna College in Fredericksburg (Massaponox), Virginia, on an annual basis. Classes are normally held on Sunday afternoons from 4:00 - 6:00, and will begin the second or third Sunday in January. This course cost is $259 and enrollment may be accomplished by enrolling on line at Germanna Community College. 

The course is open to student pilots or anyone who is interested in learning more or refreshing knowledge about general aviation flying. The minimum age is 15. Each student is required to have the Jeppesen Private Pilot Manual, a plotter and a flight computer. These items can be purchased from the Flight School and picked up early or provided on the first day of class. Students who are interested in concurrently or subsequently pursing flight training should order the Private Pilot Kit containing additional course materials. Kit and individual supplies can be ordered (for less cost) through JLS Aviation. Please call us at 540-374-1715 to notify us of your enrollment and advise us if/what items you will need. Successful completion of the course results in students receiving a Course Completion Certificate and an endorsement allowing the student to take the FAA Private Pilot Knowledge Exam.

The Private Pilot Ground School Course will be held if at least four students are registered prior to the first class. The class size is limited in order to provide each student with individual instruction and personalized attention. Payment reserves a seat.

A course outline will be provided once you enroll. The agenda for each class is distributed prior to class. Classroom instruction covers all the material as either a formal presentation with practical exercises or video instruction. At the conclusion of each class, students take a short quiz consisting of the same questions that the FAA uses for their test. When formal classes are complete, each student takes a practice test which are composed of questions out of the FAA test bank. When a student completes two tests with at least an 80% or better, the instructor will provide an endorsement that authorizes the student to take the formal FAA test at an approved test center. The cost of the test is $160 (AOPA members receive a 10% discount).

Students often ask if missing a class is problematic. The answer is no, if the student studies the material and keeps up with the practice tests. It is worth mentioning that this is not "driver's ed". The Private Pilot Course of instruction contains a considerable amount of material about subjects most people have not previously been exposed to. Expect to dedicate at least a couple of hours each week toward preparation.

Enrollment can be accomplished by clicking on the following link: Germanna Community College